Canyoneering Kawasan Falls Cebu | Tourist Guide for Cebu’s Best Adventure

a person i between 2 cliffs with a life vest and helmet

Kawasan Falls Canyoneering, in Badian Cebu, is the best adventure in Cebu, and probably all of the Philippines. 

Starting off from high in the mountains above Kawasan Falls, canyoneering in Cebu is an amazing experience that will lead you along a canyon full of turquoise water and surrounded in tropical jungle.

In total the whole canyoneering trip takes around 5 hours of jumping off cliffs, sliding backwards on slippery rocks and rope swinging above enchanted water full canyons.

Most of the Cebu canyoneering action, rope swinging and cliff jumping are optional for those looking for more adventure. Only one or two 5 foot cliff jumps are necessary to complete the canyoneering down to Kawasan falls. So you have the option of doing it as extreme as you like.

Jacqueline and our Filipino guide

Kawasan Canyoneering | Tours and Guides

The Kawasan canyoneering tour was one of the few activities in the Philippines where we relied on a guide and booked through an agency. After all, we had never done canyoneering before and didn’t know what to expect. And besides, using a guide is mandatory.

Tours don’t have to be a large group. In fact, our group was just me, Jacqueline and our cheerful guide. 

In Badian and around the Kawasan falls area there are multiple agencies and shops offering the canyoneering package. A tour costs between 1500 pesos ($30) and 2000 pesos ($40).

Booking a tour is straightforward and is even possible to book on the same day. We just showed up early in the morning and booked. However, we had time to spare and wouldn’t have been a problem if we found a spot a few days later. 

Keep in mind that Canyoneering is a regulated activity and only a certain amount of visitors are allowed each day.

If you have a tight schedule it is good to pre book your canyoneering tour for extra peace of mind. This can be done either in person at an agency near Kawasan Falls. Or if you are staying in Moalboal, the main tourist area in South Cebu, there are shops offering the tour which will include pick up and drop off at your accommodation.

One of the slides while canyoneering at Kawasan in Cebu
Surrounded in jungle and walking across a stream while canyoneering

Is Canyoneering in Cebu Safe

In 2016 Kawasan Canyoneering was officially shut down for a few months. This was to pave way for new regulations and rules and to limit the number of visitors per day. And guides where to get certified.

So yes, Kawasan Falls Canyoneering is a safe activity. And as I said before, all the higher cliff jumps are optional. 

On a side note, during or just after rainy season, heavy rainfall may cause stronger currents in the canyons and rivers. And rocks and surfaces may be slippery. Ask the operator you are going to book with what the situation is at that moment.

5 hours after we started canyoneering down to Kawasan Falls, our most amazing adventure in the Philippines came to an end.
A turquoise river flows through a narrow canyon and above stalls selling food and drinks and there is one of the best cliff jumps

What to Expect at Kawasan Canyoneering

Canyoneering in Cebu is one of the best activities to do in the Philippines.

The tour will start in the middle of the mountains high above Kawasan falls. For the first 15 minutes you will trek while overlooking dense hills of jungle.

At this point we were a bit confused what to expect. We thought we would start from in the Canyon.

The actual Kawasan Canyoneering follows after the short downhill trek.

Starting off in ankle and waist deep clear water, and after some clambering over rocks, the first deep pool. 

The pool and rivers are so dense in colour we couldn’t believe our eyes!! 

Along the way we floated in these turquoise rivers. And there is a 6 foot cliff jump which was the only one that doesn’t have any way of getting around and a small waterfall that has carved a natural slide into the rocks. This was quite fun and followed our guides advice to slide down backwards. 

Half way through there are a few stalls selling barbecued food and drinks. The stalls are set up in front of a narrow Canyon and a few meter high optional cliff jump. 

There are 2 more cliff jumps further down (both optional). First jump is 8 metres and the other 10 meters. 

Canyoneering at Kawasan Falls is a combination of trekking, floating in tuquiose rivers and cliff jumping. And all this while surrounded in jungle and canyons and seeing some of the most amazing waterfalls. 

The 2 main waterfalls are near to the end with Kawasan falls being one of highlights during your canyoneering trip. 

Kawasan waterfall plunging into a milky blue pool so bright we couldn't believe our eyes
Some parts of the canyoneering we need to climb over rocks and jump into the river

Where is Kawasan Falls Canyoneering

Cebu’s canyoneering is in the south of the island. You will first touch down in Cebu City further North. Canyoneering and Kawasan Waterfall are a 3 hour drive from Cebu City.

Most tourists will stay in Moalboal while doing canyoneering and exploring other tourist attractions in South Cebu. Moalboal is the closest tourist town to Kawasan Falls and has become popular for the millions of tightly packed sardines swimming meters away from the coast.

It takes around 30 minutes to cruise down to Kawasan Falls from Moalboal. Usually a canyoneering tour will include pick up from your hotel. 

If you are not going with a tour or just want to walk straight up to Kawsan Falls without doing canyoneering, you can opt to rent a scooter for 250 pesos ($5) or hail down a tricycle while in Moalboal.

Here is a map. Point A is Kawasan Falls and B is Moalboal about 30 minutes further. Point C is Cebu City and where the airport is located.

Kawasan Canyoneering Packing List

Doing the Kawasan Canyoneering Activity while you are in Cebu will probably be your biggest adventure in the Philippines. And to get the best out of your activity, there are a few things you should have with you. 

Water Shoes / Sandals

Almost 50% of the activity will be wading through the river, swimming and cliff jumping. A pair of watershoes are imperative for this activity. If you don’t have water shoes you can rent a pair from the shop you booked with. Avoid using flip flops you would probably lose them and hurt yourself.


Taking an action camera with you is the best way to document your Canyoneering adventure in Cebu. We took an action camera and our phone was in water bag but didn’t realize the bag had a hole in it and ruined the phone. 

Waterproof Phone Pouch

If you don’t have an action camera, you can always use your mobile phone and put it a waterproof pouch. A waterproof pouch is transparent and sealed. This is the best option after an action camera.


If for some reason you want to take other things, maybe clothes or a towel with you, a dry bag will be good. I don’t see any reason to take clothes and towel other than to dry off and change at the end of the activity.


At some point along the Kawasan Canyoneering there are stalls selling food and drinks. So you may want to take some cash with you just in case. You can zip up your money somewhere inside the lifevest.

Best Place to Stay for Canyoneering in Cebu

Kawasan canyoneering is located in Badian in south west Cebu. Although there are a few accommodation options close by, the area isn’t really meant for tourists. 

Most tourists will stay further north in Moalboal. Moalboal is the main tourist area in South Cebu and there are loads of accommodation options, restaurants and oceanfront bars facing the sunset. 

Kawasan Falls and canyoneering are a 30 minute drive south of Moalboal. So although not with walking distance, you won’t be that far away.


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