16 Months of Blogging | Our Journey so Far

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# Where It All Began

Around 18 months ago, we set out on what we would say is a Trip of a Lifetime. 

A 1-year journey that would take us to and through some of the most amazing destinations in South East Asia. 

From the moment we touched down and ventured out into the bustling streets of Bangkok, we knew each of the 365 days ahead of us was going to be unique. And as the days slowly rolled by, we immersed ourselves more and more into the local culture and laid back attitude. 

And this is where a wheel had been set in motion. Something we had just thought about but didn’t know if it was possible. After just a few weeks, we didn’t want this adventure to end and were determined that it wouldn’t. That is when we had a wild dream of creating a travel blog.

# The Thought of Starting a Blog was Daunting

Well, not daunting as you would imagine. 

Nonetheless, we felt quite intimidated. But this was a viable way for us to work remotely and do what we love most. Travel. 

The only issue we had was, we weren’t sure if we were cut out for Blogging. Had no clue where to start. Neither of us has experience in I.T…. Just to cram everything together, we had no idea what lay ahead of us. However, we pushed forward and lay out a kind of initial road map that was probably not much but was good enough at that time.

After 3 months of non-stop travel through South Thailand, hopping the Koh Islands in the Gulf Sea, and a flight to Java Island Indonesia, we slowed down for 1 month in Yogyakarta

This is when The Travel Deck really started taking shape. Still, we were far from actually getting the Blog and articles out there. But now we had the time to research and explore and discover new ways for people to actually find our Blog.

By now, 5 months had gone by. 3 months in Thailand, 1 month exploring Java and 1 month mainly working on the Blog in Yogyakarta. We had 7 months left and knew we had to push much harder. No doubt we were putting too little into this baby of a Blog. So during those following 7 months, we flew over to Malaysia twice. Each time locking ourselves in an apartment and working all day long. Basically, we only went out for the night once on each trip. That is how much time we put into the Blog.

And at one point and while in Bali we had even changed the plan. We started writing something each day, maintained Pinterest on a daily basis and were contributing to travel and blogging groups on Facebook.

Our working area at home our laptops on the table with black board in the background

# Fast Forward to Mid September and Back to our Home Country, Daily Jobs, Routine, and Everything in Between

Now, 18 months after we initially left this tiny island in the middle of the Mediterranean, we are back. Back, on a small rock, I guess, in the middle of Europe and Africa named Malta. 

And since we arrived in mid-March and settled back into our daily routine, things seem to have really taken shape. On the Blog I mean. 

The thing is, while we were travelling we never had a fixed routine. And that was one of our biggest setbacks. But now that we have our jobs, chores and everything else to do, we had to, in some way fit in time for the Blog. Although it wasn’t easy, we managed to cram in time for the blog on a daily basis. 

Jacqueline has been working remotely which is great since she saves at least 1 hour of commuting to and from work. And I’m just too lazy to bother waking up for work. Hahah, nah, I’m a masonry worker and am out at around 5:30 am to avoid the scorching Mediterranean sun. So I’m home by 2/2:30 pm, giving me enough time to put in the blog, prepare dinner and MAYBE some free time. Maybe watch some episode of whatever series.

# Challenges and Rewards

All business start-ups have their challenges. We face these every day. 

However, there is always a reward somewhere. And that reward keeps us pushing forward. The other day we found that a post we had just published was ranking on Google’s first page and we were both stoked to find out. And a couple of days later another post gained traction.

For the time being, we are happy enough with ourselves improving each day in what we do. So when we see the blog gaining much more attention than we had expected is simply a huge and exciting reward.

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